About Camping Savvy

Camping Savvy is a blog for anyone who loves Family Camping in the UK. It’s written by me, Nigel Bowles, and offers helpful advice, reviews and interesting features on camping, walking and getting outdoors with your family.

Who am I, and how do I know about this stuff?

Well, I’m a family guy in my early fifties and here’s a thing, my wife Gayle and I have been together for 40 years, since we were 13 in fact – pretty cool right!

And, for about 30 of those years we’ve been camping and walking across the country with our family and friends.

Dunraven Bay’s Coastal Path

Nigel getting some sea air on
Dunraven Bay’s Coastal Path in South Wales.

Like many of you I grew up going on camping trips with my parents. My dad was a scout leader back then and my childhood memories are filled with the excitement and adventure of going camping.

When my own two children came along, camping and walking became a cherished activity for us. Encouraging them to be outdoors engaging with nature, afforded us many treasured experiences and some great stories. I’m laughing now as I write this, remembering some of the outrageous adventures we got up to as a family, and still do!

Despite having many tents over the years, the kids’ favourite was always a much loved Wynnster Apollo; a huge 16 berth monster of a thing, that was regularly full to capacity with family, friends and once, a goat, a car and 3 ducks, but that’s a whole other story!

Today, after a successful career in Leisure and Recreation Management spanning three decades, I’m actually camping more than ever – a lot more actually, and I’m proud to say that even after 30 years…

Gayle and I still camp regularly with both our children and our grandchildren, and we all go walking and hiking together every other weekend.

So what is Camping Savvy?

The literal definition of Savvy is ‘practical knowledge’ or ‘the ability to make good judgements’ – in short: to be ‘knowledgeable’ about a thing.

My goal for the Camping Savvy website is simple,

To share my passion, my experiences and my ongoing adventures; that will hopefully build into a reliable and trustworthy source of camping and outdoor activity information.

So, whether you love camping under the stars or prefer braving the gusty winds of a coastal walk, I hope Camping Savvy will inspire you to experience your own adventures and help you create your own wonderful stories.

Thanks for your attention, enjoy Camping Savvy.

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