What are Gaiters?

Gaiters are garments worn over footwear and the lower leg whilst walking or hiking. They are designed to protect you from wet weather and trail debris.

Expect to pay from about £10 upwards.

Originally, gaiters were made from leather or rubber. Today however, gaiters are more commonly made from synthetic cloth such as Nylon, Polyester or Cordura.

These synthetic fabrics not only provide excellent weatherproofing protection, they also offer a level of abrasion resistance from grass and foliage without ripping or tearing.

Gaiters typically come in three types or styles

High Cut Gaiters

These come to the top of the calf or knee and are ideal for walking in thick grassy terrain. They also provide the best protection from rain, sleet & snow. 

Low Cut Gaiters

These just cover the ankle and are designed to provide protection from dirt and small stones that often find their way into you boots! Great for UK trail and day walking.

Compatible Gaiters (Branded)

These types of gaiters are designed to be compatible with a specific brand of walking boots or shoes. Generally created by the boot or shoe manufacturer they ensure a perfect fit and co-ordinated styling, but this will undoubtedly cost you more. Often available in both high and low types.