What is Glamping?

What is Glamping?
Written by SQ

Glamping is the term used to describe glamorous camping. Also called boutique camping, posh camping and comfy camping, it’s essentially luxury camping with a bit more style and comfort.

The ‘camping‘ part of glamping suggests that somewhere in that glamorous mix there is a tent. For the most part this is true, with Yurts, Bell Tents, Tipis and Safari Tents being the most popular choices.

Campsite owners however, have been quick to adapt to the growing glamping trend and it’s now commonplace to see glamping offered in Pods, Vintage Caravans, Vintage Trailers, Tent Cabins and Tree Houses.

And whilst many campsites now offer the glamping experience in one form or another, and there is also a growing number of specialised glamping only or ‘Glampsites‘ popping up all across the UK.

The Glamping Appeal

Aside from the obvious luxury element, one of the big appeals of glamping is the popularity of the ‘all inclusive’ format, where everything is offered as part of the deal. Unlike traditional camping there’s no need to have any camping experience or need to take along any camping equipment.

The Cost of Glamping

Expect to pay from as little as £50 to well over a thousand pounds per night, depending on the amenities on offer. These can include everything from fresh bed linens and food services to exclusive facilities such as private verandas and hot tubs!

Can I buy my own?

Yes, you can go the traditional camping route and purchase your own glamping tent and equipment, and many do. However, be aware that aside from the size and weight of a large canvas tent, a typical setup can easily cost several thousand pounds.

photo credit: Ed Fest Camping Edinburgh Festival Camping 2016 via photopin (license)