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The Lighter Side – Murphy’s Law of Camping

murphys-law of camping
Written by SQ

Murphy’s law of camping, basically states “anything that can go wrong on a camping trip, will go wrong and invariably at the worst possible time!

Here are some of lessons we’ve learned over the years. I’m confident you can relate to at least a few yourself…

  1. That all important item you just had to bring, is still on the dining-room table, where you put it so you wouldn’t forget.
  2. The further you are from the toilets, the harder it will be raining when your kids need a pee at 3am.
  3. When your tent springs a leak, it will be in the middle of the night, on your side of the tent and you won’t be able to find the duck tape. (ummm, see item 1)
  4. Your torch will work just fine, as you swing it around in daylight, but not at night when you need it! And you’re absolutely positive you packed spare batteries! (hmmm, sound familiar!)
  5. That 1st time camper with no clue, struggling to pitch their tent in torrential rain will invariably walk past several other tents to ask you for help. (I don’t mind! Really, I don’t.)
  6. There are only two types of camp cooked food – undercooked and burn, but both will taste amazing!
  7. The kids will track enough dirt into the tent on day one, that you could use it to grow your own food for the rest of your stay.
  8. Half an hour after pitching your tent for that perfect sea view, the next camper will pitch-up directly in front of you.
  9. Your camping gear never fits back into it’s storage bag when it’s time to pack up. Similarly your car boot will have somehow shrunk since you arrived and all the ‘excess’ gear will have to go on the other half’s lap.
  10. And finally our all time worse lesson was when, upon arrival, the campsite informed us our week long booking we’d made on the Internet, was actually for the same date NEXT YEAR!

Do you have a funny camping lesson or story? Please share your experience with us in the comments below.

As always thanks for your attention,

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