Our Reviews Explained

At Camping Savvy we believe in being honest and transparent about all aspects of our reviewing.

Products reviewed on Camping Savvy include items that we personally have purchased as well as complimentary merchandise provided for consideration.

Whilst we accept products for review, we only publish reviews for items we believe to be relevant to the Camping Savvy readers. To avoid any possible confusion, if an item is deemed inappropriate for the reader, a review is simply not published.

Published product reviews include our honest and personal opinion of products that work for us, and that may also work for you. We will be always be constructive in our opinions, but if we really dislike a product, then we will say so.

Camping Savvy Review Factors

The Gear Reviews are scored using three factors.

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Value for Money

The Tent Reviews also include…

  • Comfort/Space and
  • Ease of Pitching/Setup.

We try to provide enough insight into each one of these factors in the main body of the review, and the scores given for each factor helps determine the pros and cons and our final overall conclusion.

The overall product rating in the review summary is calculated from the average of the review factors, as can be seen in the example below.

Camping Savvy Example Review Image

An example review summary.

Here’s a quick guide to our overall ratings

1 – 2  Poor (Don’t waste your time!)

3 – 4  Below Average (We suggest trying before buying)

5 – 6  Average (Consider picking this one up)

7 – 8  Above Average (Definitely put this one on your list)

9 – 10  Excellent (Stop reading and go buy this – right now!)